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Best Restaurant in Jimbaran | Kayumanis Resto Jimbaran

Presenting Indonesian cuisine at its finest with a special focus on market-fresh ingredients, catch-of-the-day seafood and seasonal delicacies. The menu features an authentic selection of full-flavoured dishes that can be categorised as local classics or modern fare. Standard drinks are available alongside more traditional options such as a range of herbal tonics to alleviate different health concerns. Inspired by classic Indonesian architecture, Kayumanis Resto Jimbaran is housed within a replica of a Javanese joglo. It is crafted almost entirely from sustainably sourced hardwood and captures the rustic elegance of a traditional family home. Set against a garden of dancing coconut palms, this charming dining venue is defined by its high rooftop and wrap-around veranda. It is the perfect spot for an intimate meal or to dine socially with family and friends.

Signature: Bebek Panggang Mekudus

This flavourful dish celebrates Bali’s colourful Hindu heritage as duck is the only type of meat that high-caste priests are permitted to eat. Our version is marinated in local spices and served on a small clay grill fuelled by charcoal to create a smoky effect.